Dwaraknath Reddy Institutes for Knowledge (DRIK FOUNDATION) was established to create learning opportunities that go beyond “Education” as formal text book schooling, and emphasize on “Educreation”, drawing knowledge and information  from within a community and its inherent  strengths. At the DRIK  Institutes children and youth are encouraged to express themselves in  environments that  are conducive to invoking their inner potential through creative learning. DRIK is establishing  curriculums that are region specific with global perspectives, and relevant for rights based understanding. DRIK is developing change makers who lead.

Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust (DRRT) founded two decades ago began its work with women, youth and children, initiating different programs and activities enabling communities to determine their own rights and live with dignity and security in sustainable human settlements.Its path was carved out by responding to the needs of a community in a slum or a village that required intervention by mobilizing and organizing people for action 
including education towards transformation, cultural empowerment networks with different communities, enabling women with livelihoods based on traditional knowledge and skills, revival of disappearing indigenous community based traditional art forms, resolving land, shelter and infrastructure issues, and training children, women and youth for leadership development. As the work expanded DRRT founded DRIK and DWARAKA.

Development of Women And Rural Artisans for Knowledge and Action (DWARAKA FOUNDATION), was the answer to the crying needs of indigenous rural artisan communities who were  losing their traditional skills and heritage due to lack of an organized approach to overcome their intensely depriving and marginalizing cycle of debt and poverty. Women were the worst effected, and twice oppressed. Reviving the dying art form of hand painted Kalamkari, and establishing the inclusivity of women and Dalits in an otherwise male dominated domain, DWARAKA has successfully reached global recognition for making Art the focus of establishing Rights in Communities.

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