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Founder Trustee, 
The Ramanarpanam Trust

With just a modest capital Dwaraknath Reddy co- founded the Nutrine Confectionery Company in the early '50's, and it grew into one of the most successful companies in that field. At the height of his success in business he handed over the family-owned industry to the younger generation and devoted the rest of his life to the pursuit of spiritual enquiry. In 1983 he settled down near Ramanashram in Tiruvannamalai, pursuing the teachings of Bhagvan Ramana Maharshi. In 1996 he established DRRT (Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust) with his personal wealth, and dedicated the activities of the Trust to transforming the lives of communities living in slums and villages of India. DRRT has made interventions to develop housing, infrastructure, education, skills, livelihoods, and in creating learning and knowledge led networks and institutions which focus on children, youth and women. It is the vision of the founder of DRRT and his  words, deeds and life that inspire and guide The Ramanarpanam Trust.


Managing Trustee

Ms. Anita Reddy, is the Managing Trustee of The Ramanarpanam and Ranjini Dwaraknath Reddy (RDRT) Trusts. She is one of the Founder Trustees of AVAS (Association for Voluntary Action and Services). She has been working voluntarily through AVAS and the DRRT Trusts for the upliftment of the downtrodden, especially in the urban slums of Karnataka and in the villages of Andhra Pradesh for the past 40 years.
She has been on different policy making bodies , government and non-governmental touching the lives of thousands through her efforts and work with the poor.


Vikram Reddy joined the family business, Nutrine Confectionery Co. Pvt Ltd. in 1977 after completing his graduation in the U.S. Initially working at various levels of Distribution, Sales, Marketing, General Administration, he eventually took over as Managing Director of the Group in 1983. Taking over the responsibility of developing and running Nutrine Confectionary from his uncle Mr. Dwaraknath Reddy, during his 23 years as the MD, he significantly expanded social welfare benefits offered to employees of the company. This encompassed funding primary and secondary education for children of all employees, and tertiary education scholarship for academic achievers, as well as covering catastrophic health expenditure (exceeding employee health insurance cover). Additionally, in the year 2000, employees who had served over 10 years with the company were given free land in a dedicated, developed housing colony. His commitment to philanthropy combined with his management expertise has provided longstanding support to  DRIK and DWARAKA Foundations.


Pratap Reddy, is a graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and went to Chapman University, Orange County, California for Post Graduation in Management. After completing his management courses in USA, he set up a Flexible Packaging Industry in Bangalore during the year 1978.  He promoted PRSPCTVS Productions Pvt. Ltd during 2012 to enter the Cinema Industry and THITHI, made by his son Raam Reddy which won many accolades, is the debut feature film. Being the youngest son in a freedom fighters family, Pratap was moulded under the direct blaze of peoples struggles for a free India. In his later years this became his motivation to serve the Nation, and as a Trustee of DRRT he has lent himself committedly to its work with the poor.


Siddharth Reddy has a background in Business and Finance, and has held varied roles in multiple corporate setups. He has been part of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial advisory team as a business analyst, and a six year stint as an Executive on the senior management team of the family owned flexible packaging company. Currently, he manages his family's finance portfolios as an investment professional including his own portfolio. His hobbies and passions include wildlife photography and writing. His left brained business acumen, combined with his right brained capabilities for aesthetics, and his undying spirit to support the management of the DRIK and DWARAKA foundations makes him an integral part of it.


Raam Reddy is a writer-director based in Bangalore. He grew up pursuing poetry and photography, and went on to study Economic Honors at St. Stephen's College, New Delhi and Direction in Prague Film School. Included in the Forbes list of 30 under 30, Raam has written a novel titled "It's Raining in Maya", directed twelve short films, and is the writer and director of an Internationally acclaimed and hugely successful film called "THITHI" starring non-professional actors who are mostly farmers from the Mandya District in Karnataka State of India. Raam's most critically acclaimed short film, "Ika", was made in collaboration with children from DRRTs Jeevanotsava initiative starring talented child actors from MRS Palya slum in Bangalore, to whom Raam had taught Tabla while still in high school. With a passionate inner drive and pursuit for perfection in all his endeavors, Raam remains committed to DRRT's ethos of upliftment, especially in its focus in creating the future youth leaders, often using art as a vehicle for multi dimensional and value-based education.


Pooja Reddy Nakamura is a Senior Researcher at AIR, dedicated to helping children access education across the world, especially in indigent communities. Her research focuses on the development of literacy skills in several low- and middle-incomes countries, including India, Laos, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, and Zambia. She has co-led the development of reading curriculum, teacher training materials, classroom materials, and reading assessments in several contexts. She has also taught a variety of language courses at the university level, including English as a Second Language and Japanese as a Foreign Language. She has presented her work at international conferences and authored peer-reviewed scholarly articles on topics related to language and literacy acquisition. Her research and training to the youth and facilitators in collaboration with DRIK and DWARAKA Foundations have been extremely productive in improving the quality of literacy and language inputs in the educational institutions run by DRIK, as well as Government schools.


Hindola is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by qualification. She has held positions at Infosys and Manhattan Associates as a Quality Assurance Analyst. Post her corporate stint, she has undertaken various initiatives involving teaching. In the last 3 years, she has spent time teaching singing for the Jeevanotsava program. She runs a Math centre for children aged 4-14 and also freelances as a Math content writer. She is passionate about Indian classical music and is undergoing training as a Dhrupad vocalist. She believes in touching childrens lives through relevant education and is pursuing the Montessori methods for teaching her children.


Bhavya Reddy is a Research Associate with the Ramalingaswami Centre on Equity and Social Determinants of Health, Public Health Foundation of India. She has an undergraduate degree in Development Studies from Australia and a master’s degree in Public Health from USA. Bhavya is passionate about maternal health rights and issues of gender and reproductive justice more broadly. Working closely with the children and youth of AVAS and DRRT projects between 2006 and 2008, she helped in setting up ‘DRIK-CEF’, DRRT’s
successful education fund for children from slums and villages. She continues to be involved in larger strategic planning for DRIK and DWARAKA, particularly its expansion into areas of women empowerment and health,
and in guiding the Circle Of Womanhood (COW) program.





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